What they're saying about our work...

Hands and Feet Project
David has a unique gift as a filmmaker to bring the viewer into the story. What amazed me the most about David is his ability to confidently wear the hat of producer/director while also wielding the camera with great expertise. The Hands and Feet Project has been blown away by the response to David's short film, "Baby Mackenson." I can't wait to see what he creates next!!!
Mark Stuart - Hands and Feet Project
Know + Hope Collective

MT Ruhl Electrical Contracting
I hired Dave Peters to produce a video of our Solar PV installations, and Dave did an outstanding job. He spent the necessary time on site and then did a great job of editing. I was very pleased with the result of the video and would not hesitate to recommend Dave to anyone.
Mark Ruhl, Owner

GO2 Ministries
The video is OUTSTANDING! I'm very grateful for your hard and excellent work and quite excited to get this in front of the public. Our Board of Directors was very enthused to see the video and I've copied a couple of their comments below for your portfolio.
Tim Boal, Founder

This video was excellent. I am amazed! Exciting and well done!!!! I hope you will send this out as a sample of what is going on. Good job! Praise God!
Kent Semple, CPA - Columbus, Ohio

Potter's House Association International
Thank you so much for the tremendous work you did...it facilitates so much our work.
Gladys Guitz, Founder



CLIA, Christian Love in Action
David has much charisma, talent, and personality. David's professional training,experience, and creativity as a filmmaker all comes together in an amazing finished product. As a business owner, and working in developing countries such as Egypt, Nigeria, and India, I've had many videos made over the last 10 years and David's video of our India project last year has been far the best that I've seen.
Steve Hackman
Owner, One Village Coffee
Collaborator with CLIA

San Diego Christian College
We are incredibly indebted to David Peters for the video he produced for our Missionary Aviation program at San Diego Christian College. We do not have professional video capability so it was an enormous blessing when David created a video that showcased our unique aviation program and highlighted some of our graduates currently serving humanitarian operations in the mission field all over the world. David’s ability to script the most important elements of a complex operation and integrate dynamic video to give it life is the key to telling the story about our program. Through the magic of video testimony from current and former students, we are now able to share the advantages of our Christian aviation degree program with people who are seeking exactly what we offer. We’re so grateful that David used his talents and gifts to provide a great video for us.
Captain Denny Breslin
Director of Aviation