Postcards From Babylon is an invitation to the next great awakening, a revival in the church that has too often been the mistress of Caesar rather than the Bride of Christ.

Shane Claiborne

Postcards From Babylon is a wake-up call for the American Church. I wish every Christian could watch this film and reflect on the sometimes uncomfortable truth it unveils about who we are, and where we go from here.

Keith Giles, Heretic Happy Hour

Postcards From Babylon is a poignant documentary that will take you places—relevant, uncomfortable, and even dark places.

Julie McVey, Author of Why I Left Church to Find Jesus: A Personal Odyssey

Jeremiah says to "seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile” (29:7). Postcards From Babylon shows you why, and is profoundly apropos for the church today.

John H. Armstrong, Author & Founder of The Initiative