Faith & Unity - DVD 3-Pack

Faith & Unity - DVD 3-Pack

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Get 3 of our documentaries, Postcards from Babylon, One: Following Jesus' Call for Unity, and St. Patrick: Pilgrimage to Peace, for one great price!

Postcards from Babylon - DVD
Christian nationalism is demonstrably hindering the witness of Christ. Follow along with Brian Zahnd, Shane Claiborne, Kristin Du Mez, Peter Wehner, Lisa Sharon Harper, Walter Brueggemann, Jonathan Merrit, John Fea, and filmmakers David & Kathi Peters as they investigate the most important question for the church in North America today: How does the church stay faithful to the beautiful way of Jesus while situated in one of the most divisive political climates in our nation's history? Based on the book by Brian Zahnd

Includes almost 3 hours of bonus features including Round Table Discussion & Extended Interviews with Brian Zahnd, John Fea, Kristin Du Mez, & Walter Brueggemann

One: Following Jesus' Call for Unity - DVD
This two-part series explores the controversial subject of Christian division and unity from both an historical and Biblical basis.

What did Jesus mean when He prayed that His disciples would be one just as He is one with His Father (John Chapter 17)? Many in Christendom have deep concerns about disunity in the church and are questioning the spirit of division and ongoing schism. Should interdenominational unity be sought? Is ecumenism a code word for theological compromise, or is it integral to fulfilling the mission God has given the church in the world?

Featuring: John Armstrong, NT Wright, Bishop Robert Barron, Brian McLaren, Fr. Thomas Baima, Geoff Tunnicliffe, Ruth Patterson, Sarah Hinlicky Wilson, Fr. Demetrios Tonias, Mark Nimo, Scott Brill, Fr. Richard Rohr, Jan Skrehot, Msgr. Arturo J. Banuelas, and more

St. Patrick: Pilgrimage to Peace - DVD
Go beyond the legends and clichés to discover the real St. Patrick, a man whose life continues to call us to the peace of Christ.

St. Patrick may be the most popular, yet least-known, figure in Christian history. Each year revelers hold parties and parades to celebrate his day, yet the average person likely has no idea who Patrick of Ireland truly was.

St. Patrick: Pilgrimage to Peace unearths the true story of this fifth-century Christian who was brought to Ireland as a slave, where he labored six long years before finally escaping. But after returning home, Patrick shocked his contemporaries by voluntarily returning to the place of his enslavement in order to bring the gospel message to the Irish people.

Go beyond the legends and cliches to discover the real St. Patrick, a man whose life continues to call us to the peace of Christ.